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Pump Chamber 1100L

Pump Chamber 1100L

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These pump chambers/stations are designed for discharge of sewerage and wastewater where gravity discharge is not possible.

  • Compatible to septic tank systems.
  • Heavy duty, can be completely buried.
  • Easy to handle and install.

Three sizes for every situation:
270 litre, 550 litre, 1100 litre.

270L Kg: 25
550L Kg: 35
1100L Kg: 60


What's the difference between a certified and uncertified pump chamber?

The difference between an uncertified and certified pump chambers comes down to the material used to create the pump chamber.

An uncertified pump chamber is crafted from regrind plastic, and offers a budget-friendly solution. However, their recycled material may vary in quality.

In contrast, certified pump chambers, made from virgin plastic, ensure top-tier reliability, compliance, and longevity. 

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