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2100Litre Septic Tank

Product Description

Forget the long drop! Upgrade now!

Manufactured to heavy duty standard, this polyethylene plastic tank can be completely buried.

Featuring a single chamber this unit is ideal where non certification is acceptable, and have proved popular NZ-wide and being ideal for baches, holiday homes, bush huts, cowsheds etc. The 3,500 litre unit is capable of servicing a full-size domestic dwelling.

Dozens of these Septic Tanks are in use in NZ with non-certification. It is at the purchaser’s discretion to ensure the tank is suitable for the intended application, and whether certification is required for the proposed application.

“Very efficient cost effective unit” TT Plastics Septic Tank range supports very efficient, cost effective units designed for the holding and discharge of household sewerage.


– 400mm removable inspection lid for easy access to the inside.

– 100mm Inlet Connection, Mushroom Air Vent & 100mm outlet.

– Bio Filter fitted on the 100mm outlet connection to ensure quality of discharged water, this can be easily removed for cleaning, (see photos).

– Very cost effective for transport & installation

– Simple to install instructions provided

– Freight arranged NZ wide.

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Only $1690 Including GST!

Product Specifications

  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Size: 1700mm high, 1330mm diameter
  • Litre: 2100 L

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