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1100Litre Septic Tank

Product Description

Forget the long drop! Upgrade now!

Manufactured to heavy duty standard, this polyethylene plastic tank can be completely buried.

Featuring a single chamber this unit is ideal where non certification is acceptable, and have proved popular NZ-wide and being ideal for baches, holiday homes, bush huts, cowsheds etc. The 3,500 litre unit is capable of servicing a full-size domestic dwelling.

Legal Liability – This tank is non – certified. It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure the tank is legally compliant for the intended application and whether certification/consent is required by the relevant authority/council for the actual/proposed application.

“Very efficient cost effective unit” TT Plastics Septic Tank range supports very efficient, cost effective units designed for the holding and discharge of household sewerage.


– 400mm removable inspection lid for easy access to the inside.

– 100mm Inlet Connection, Mushroom Air Vent & 100mm outlet.

– Bio Filter fitted on the 100mm outlet connection to ensure quality of discharged water, this can be easily removed for cleaning, (see photos).

– Very cost effective for transport & installation

– Simple to install instructions provided

– Freight arranged NZ wide.

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Only $1490 Including GST!

Product Specifications

  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Size: 1000mm high, 1330mm diameter
  • Litre: 1100 L

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